The three keys to successful media buying are relationships, relationships and more relationships. Media buying isn't just about rates – although I'll get you great rates. I work with media reps to explore value-added opportunities that can extend the impact of your media plan. I'll help you get the biggest bang for your buck – whether it's an on-air interview, a cheaper rate in exchange for advertising at your event or a contest on a radio station's website. By representing your interests, and understanding the media's, I can negotiate a win-win where you get a little extra.

After almost three decades I can safely say I know a media rep at every media company in the Alberta region, plus many more that can book your national, U.S. or international campaign. You probably don't have the time to take media sales calls or sift through the presentations that come across your desk – just say, “Call Linda.” I'll listen to their pitch and let you know if I think their offer makes sense for your business.