Knowing where to find your market and how to catch their attention is just as important as flashy creative. Whatever industry youíre in, I can tell you whatís tried and true, and whatís trendy. Most importantly, Iíll help you choose the right media mix for reaching your target audience.

There are more media options today than ever before. Not to sound like a dinosaur, but on-line advertising was the stuff of science fiction when I started in the media business. Now virtually any public space is up for grabs, from bus wraps to video projections on buildings, elevator floors to online communities.

New isnít necessarily better. Iíll sit down with you to discuss all of your available options and the pros and cons of each one. Together weíll develop a media mix that supports your marketing strategy and fits your budget.


Been there...

Itís a bold statement. But after 30 years Ė itís true. I have developed local, national or international media plans for every imaginable industry:

  • - Educational
  • - Financial services
  • - Government
  • - Healthcare industry
  • - Services
  • - Tourism / Destination
  • - Real estate development
  • - Fast food & Restaurants
  • - Automotive
  • - Oil & gas
  • - Retail
  • - Not-for-profit
  • - Tradeshows